Stephanie Lynn

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Stephanie Lynn

IT Senior Manager - Web Services

Stephanie started work with UGA as part of the Franklin College OIT Web Services Team in 2013.

Franklin College Responsibilities

She serves as the visionary and manager for Web Services. She handles all new client intake, writes scope and specification documents for projects that are outside the normal scope of services provided, provides consulting advice for custom application development, provides user interface design for in-house applications, manages contracts and billing for clients, and directs the use of web technologies throughout the college.

Professional Information

She serves as Treasurer of Four Athens, a local technology incubator. She is the founder and manager of a Google Transit Project for Athens Transit. She has held officer positions for many non-profit boards throughout the years in Athens.

A graduate of UGA's Terry College of Business, she comes to Franklin College from private industry in the role of founder and CEO of Plexus, Inc., an Athens based web development business founded in 1997.

She is the proud recipient of a number of awards and nominations including three nominations for the Athena Award, 2010 Georgia Small Business Person of the Year nominee, 2009 Top 40 under 40 entrepreneurs in Athens, GA, designation, and 2010 & 2011 Bulldog 100 Fastest Growing Businesses owned by UGA Alumni.

Personal Information
She's a collector of antique dishes, designs beaded jewelry, avid in arts and crafts in general, and enjoys spending time with her two girls.