Student Response Systems / Clickers

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The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) provides support with clickers and clicker selection.

Student response systems, also called clickers, allow instructors to ask questions, take polls, give quizzes, and get feedback from students during class.

Benefits of Service: 

Clickers in the classroom may help to increase student participation and class interaction with students.  Clickers can also help the instructor measure the understanding of class material being presented.  By using the recommended clicker, faculty and students are guaranteed centralized support from CTL in addition to vendor support.  In addition, using the standard clicker allows students to purchase one device or service for use in all classes over the course of several years.

Requesting Use and Support: 

Franklin College faculty, staff, or students may contact the CTL clicker support group at or visit for support or more information. 

CTL Self Service resources for faculty

CTL Self Service resources for students


Current Rates for Service: 

Clicker support from CTL is free for all UGA faculty, students and staff.

Currently, software licensing fees for students are covered by the Student Technology Fee.

Additional Documents & Information for Service: