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Franklin College paid to participate in the PeachNet Cloud-based Virtual Data Center in response to growing demand for a more flexible server infrastructure. PeachNet’s Virtual Data Center service provides an ESX cluster environment using VMware’s Virtual Cloud Director (vCD) for University System of Georgia (USG) institutions.  This provides a stable, cost-effective location for personnel to spin-up virtual servers.  In addition to the virtual machine hosting, Franklin OIT personnel provide some basic support for installation, and networking of virtual devices, and additional support for a minimal cost to clients.

Benefits of Service: 

Benefits of Using PeachNet Virtual Data Center

  • High Availability
    • Load balancing
    • vSphere High Availability (HA) enabled
    • Datacenter backed by UPS and generator
    • Environment monitored for fail-over and performance
  • High Performance
    • Hardware refresh included
    • Storage provided by an EMC fiber channel SAN
  • Secure
    • Network isolation provided
    • Full control of virtual private firewall
  • Flexible
    • Full management VM and vApp templates for rapid consistent deployment
    • Ability to delegate roles within a VDC organization allowing institutions to grant granular control to units or individuals
    • Web portal for VM creation/management including console access
    • VMs are thin provisioned
    • Off-site backups available through our Cloud Backup service
    • Off-site archive available through our Cloud Storage service
Requesting Use and Support: 

Franklin College faculty and staff can request support for physical server hosting by contacting the Franklin OIT Helpdesk.

Current Rates for Service: 

The PeachNet Cloud Administration Fees are being covered by the College for Franklin College units and personnel as a proactive means to provide a stable, secure location for mission-critical systems.  Below is a breakdown of the teirs of cost-recovery support.

Basic Virtual Machine Install and Configure - $240 + VM Cost

Franklin OIT will deploy a virtual machine and setup the operating system based upon client requirements.

Advanced Virtual Machine Install, Configure, and Maintenance - $240 + VM Cost + $720/year
Franklin OIT will perform all aspects of the required Basic Virtual Machine Install and Configure, in addition to performing regular routine updates, system maintenance, and 24x7x365 service and performance monitoring.

Custom Hardware Install and Configure - $60/hour

On a per-project basis, Franklin OIT will perform OS or software installs, system maintenance, or back-end maintenance at the required work at the established service rate.

VM Costs:

  • Virtual Machine - $115/year
  • Memory (RAM) - $49/GB/year
  • Storage (Disks) - $1.25/GB/year
Additional Documents & Information for Service: 

The USG PeachNet Virtual Data Center hosting website provides information on features, and benefits of the service.

Supported operating systems include RedHat Enterprise Linux 6+ and Windows Server 2008+.

Client Responsibility: 

Clients are responsible for the following:

  • Initiating requests for new service, change on existing service, or support for services via the Franklin OIT Help Desk.
  • Purchase of any required items; including but not limited to hardware, software, support services, warranty, cabling, licensing, or fees.
  • Signing and returning any associated forms for this service; including Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), Proposal of Work (POW), Statement of Work (SOW).
  • Notifying Franklin OIT if a virtual server is being decommissioned or the point of contact changes.
  • Development of data management plans, disaster recovery plans, and business continuity plans as applicable.  This includes establishing and covering the costs of a backup solution.
OIT Responsibility: 

Franklin OIT is responsible for the following:

  • Responding to initial client request for information, use of, or support for this service.
  • Meeting with the client to discuss needs and provide a detailed list of recommendations.
  • Providing a Proposal of Work to the client to detail what work Franklin OIT will perform.
  • Providing a Statement of Work to the client to detail what work Franklin OIT has performed.
  • If required, provide a Memorandum of Understanding to detail work that falls outside of standard service levels.
  • Provide adequate notice to clients of any proposed rate changes.
  • Inform clients of any failures or issues noted in logs or monitoring tools, along with proposed solutions.