Purchasing and Allocations

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The Administrative Services team coordinates with Franklin units and the Dean’s Office with allocations and purchasing of IT components for instruction, research, and administration.  These allocations include both student technology fee and college-level funds.

Benefits of Service: 

When possible, Franklin OIT collects requests for bulk purchasing.  Bulk purchasing saves the college, on average, 10% over typical state purchase prices.

Franklin OIT establishes recommended computer options to facilitiate consistent support, timely delivery of equipment, and cost savings.

Requesting Use and Support: 

Franklin College faculty and staff can request support for the purchase or allocation of state-owned equipment by contacting the Franklin OIT Helpdesk.

Clients may submit requests for equipment purchases using the Franklin College Requests and Commitments System

Current Rates for Service: 

Franklin OIT purchasing and allocation support is available free of charge.

Client Responsibility: 

Clients are responsbile for ensure that all requests in the requests and commitments system are up-to-date and still valid.  New requests should be placed in the system and prioritized year round.  Stale requests should be deleted.