Web Forms using Qualtrics

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UGA provides Qualtrics as an external tool used to conduct online surveys that can also be used to create simple or logic based information collection forms. The forms or surveys can be embedded in any web page.

Benefits of Service: 

The biggest advantages to using Qualtrics for your web forms or surveys is that it gives you the ability to apply branching logic to questions, randomization, 70+ question types, and translation into 50+ languages.

Requesting Use and Support: 

New Clients

If you need an account, submit a helpdesk ticket requesting an account on Qualtrics.

Existing Clients

Qualtrics is accessible via https://ugeorgia.qualtrics.com/. Login with your MyID and password.

Current Rates for Service: 

Qualtrics web forms are available free of charge to all Franklin College faculty and staff

Additional Documents & Information for Service: 

The Qualtrics help manual has excellent documentation about how to build forms and surveys.