Data Backup Services for Servers

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Franklin College has identified a critical need within the college for a reliable and robust data backup solution for servers. To fulfill this need, Franklin OIT has invested in the necessary enterprise-level storage hardware and backup software components to provide this service to all Franklin College units and corresponding college personnel for a cost-recovery rate. This solution is currently established around the R1Soft Server Backup product.

Benefits of Service: 

Benefits of Using Franklin OIT Data Backup Service (DBS) for Servers

  • High Availability
    • Redundant hardware and components for the backup management system
    • Datacenter backed by UPS and generator
    • Environment monitored for fail-over and performance
  • High Performance
    • ​Hardware refresh included
    • Storage provided by enterprise components
    • Enterprise server and networking hardware
  • Secure
    • ​Network isolation of backup data streams
    • Backup data streams are encrypted
    • Restricted physical access to data storage, servers, and network hardware.
    • Restricted access to backup portal for your site
  • Flexible
    • OIT or Self-managed options
      • Manage your own backup schedules and retention periods
      • Recover data on your own schedule
      • Manage data usage to limit or reduce costs
      • Monitor your backups for completion
  • Supported Operating Systems
Requesting Use and Support: 

Franklin College faculty and staff can request support or more information on data backup services by contacting the Franklin OIT Helpdesk:

Current Rates for Service: 
  • FY17 Rates
  • Initial Data Backup Service Setup (one-time): $60
  • Data Backup Service storage use (billed quarterly):  $234/Terabyte (TB)/year
  • Service Management and Support Options (select one):
    • FOIT-Managed Data Backup Service: $60/system/year
      • Limit of 12 data recovery requests per year included.
    • Self-Managed* Data Backup Services: No Charge
Client Responsibility: 

Clients are responsible for the following:

  • Initiating requests for new service, change on existing service, or support for services via the Franklin OIT Help Desk.
  • Purchase of any additional required items outside of this service, including, but not limited to, hardware, software, support services, warranty, cabling, licensing, or fees.
  • Signing and returning any associated forms for this service including Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), Proposal of Work (POW), and Statement of Work (SOW).
  • Development of data management plans, disaster recovery plans, and business continuity plans as applicable.


* Clients are additionally responsible for the following if selecting the Self-Managed option:

  • Managing the backup schedule and backup type per system
  • Managing data recovery processes
    • An adequate data storage location must be provided for recovered data
  • Managing the backup reports and notifications
  • Monitoring and planning for backup storage allocations
  • Self-Help support using the Franklin OIT Self Service Website documentation
  • NOTE:  Limit of one support request per year at no cost, up to one hour. Additional support requests or time will be available at cost-recovery per request.
OIT Responsibility: 
  • Maintain and support the storage and server hardware and infrastructure
  • Maintain and support the product licensing for the software
  • Provide direct support to clients for the backup service depending on the level of management service selected:
    • FOIT-Managed Service Option:
      • A backup schedule and plan will be established and maintained by Franklin OIT based upon client needs. Changes will be requested in writing and documented in the Helpdesk ticketing system.
      • Franklin OIT will perform up to 12 annual data recoveries as requested by the client. Additional recoveries will be evaluated for cost-recovery rates.
    • Self-Managed Service Option:
      • Franklin OIT will provide online documentation and examples on usage of the data backup services on the Franklin OIT Self Service Website.
      • Franklin OIT will provide indirect or direct initial setup training on how to use the service and may assist with one support request per year up to one hour.
      • Data recovery requests and additional support will be available at cost-recovery rates.