Our Services

Classroom & Instructional Support

Training and assistance with the computer and audio-visual equipment in classrooms and labs.

Networking & Connectivity

Support, monitoring, optimization and maintenance of network performance, security, and availability

Communications & E-mail

Telephone procedures, e-mail signature standards, and other communication related services.


Services such as secure file exchanges, security assessments, antivirus software, and firewall configurations

Desktop & Computing Support

Maintenance, troubleshooting, setup, and installation of state-owned IT equipment.  Recommendations for new laptops, desktop, printers, scanners, or other IT components.

System Provisioning & Maintenance

Systems provisioning and maintenance for core services and contract systems, including the development, testing, maintenance, provisioning, and life-cycle management of new and existing systems (virtual and physical).

File & Print Sharing

Core file and print sharing services foster collaboration across the college by providing access to share resources.

Web Sites and CMS Services

Free and for-fee tools and services to manage web sites, collect data, and communicate via the web.

Ad Astra

UGA Campus Reservations provides class scheduling services through Ad Astra.

Blackboard Collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate (Bb Collaborate) is a web-conferencing system that allows users to meet, present, and collaborate in a virtual room.

Classroom Renovation and Audio-Visual Equipment Upgrades and Planning

Franklin OIT provides consultations for classroom renovations and audio-visual upgrades.  We are available to schedule walk-throughs, identify equipment needs based on instructional and functional goals, collect drawings and estimates, and provide guidance for funding request and purchasing options.

Classroom Technology Support

Franklin OIT supports over 200 technology-enhanced classrooms dispersed throughout the college, providing training and troubleshooting support for computers and audio-visual equipment.  In situations where classrooms experience an audio-visual equipment failure, Franklin OIT partners with the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) to provide a spare part when possible and assist departments with arrangements to repair or replace broken equipment.

Computer Lab Support

Our Client Services team improves the classroom experience for students and faculty in Franklin College by partnering with our Instructional Technology team to provide training and assistance with the computer and audio-visual equipment in classrooms and labs.

Computer Support - Primary Device

Our Client Services team works to keep state-owned technology within Franklin College performing optimally by troubleshooting issues, executing regular preventative maintenance, and managing hardware replacement lifecycles. 

Data Backup Services for Desktops

Franklin College has identified a critical need within the college for a reliable and robust backup solution for desktops. To fulfill this need, Franklin OIT has invested in the necessary enterprise-level storage hardware and backup software components to provide this service to all Franklin College units and corresponding college personnel for a cost-recovery rate. This service is currently based upon the on-premise Code42 Crashplan Pro software solution.

Data Backup Services for Servers

Franklin College has identified a critical need within the college for a reliable and robust data backup solution for servers. To fulfill this need, Franklin OIT has invested in the necessary enterprise-level storage hardware and backup software components to provide this service to all Franklin College units and corresponding college personnel for a cost-recovery rate. This solution is currently established around the R1Soft Server Backup product.

Digital Signage

Franklin OIT works with outside vendors to provide digital signage software that allows units to create, manage, and deliver messages, media, and alerts to video displays. In most cases, units use digital signage to display announcements, weather, and news on flat panel monitors in hallways, lobbies, and waiting rooms.

eLearning Commons

The University of Georgia utilizes eLearning Commons (eLC) as it's online learning management system. eLC is powered by Brightspace's Desire2Learn LE 10.3 and is used to host fully online classes and course materials for face-to-face classes.  The system provides a variety of instructional tools including the ability to organize and publish course materials, assignments, discussions, quizzes, grades, as well as third party integrations for textbook resources and collaboration tools.

Individual File Shares

Franklin OIT provides all faculty and staff with a basic home folder to foster a flexible computing environment.  This home folder (also known as a U:\ drive) stores your Favorites and Documents allowing them to travel with you between computers on the Franklin directory.  By default every user starts with 2GB of space, but this can be increased based upon need.

Kaltura: Digital Media Storage and Streaming

Kaltura provides centralized media hosting services for the University of Georgia, replacing the recently decommissioned Podcast Server. Kaltura is a solution for storing and distributing digital content for course-related materials (through eLC) or non-course-related content via kaltura.uga.edu. Faculty and staff can request Kaltura accounts and channels to upload virtually any kind of media files to kaltura.uga.edu.

Network Support & Maintenance

Franklin OIT collaborates with Enterprise Information Technology Services (EITS) and other central campus departents to support, monitor, and optimize network performance while maximizing network security and availability for Frankin College faculty, staff, and students.

Off-campus Inventoried Equipment

Franklin OIT provides faculty and staff with guidelines for equipment that needs to go off-campus

Online Course Evaluations

Franklin College provides an Online Course Evaluation System for Franklin College departments. This software is also available for non-Franklin departments at the rates listed below in the Rates section.

Online Evaluation Login for Students

Login to Course Evaluations

Photography Services for Web sites

Franklin OIT provides limited photography services to official Units of Franklin College for use on Franklin College web sites. Units include Departments, Programs, Centers or Institutes.

Purchasing and Allocations

The Administrative Services team coordinates with Franklin units and the Dean’s Office with allocations and purchasing of IT components for instruction, research, and administration.  These allocations include both student technology fee and college-level funds.

Remote Access Support

The University of Georgia grants its faculty and staff permission to access on-campus devices and networks through the utilization of a VPN (Virtual Private Network). Client Services can assist in the setup and training of how to use this technology to ensure the process runs smoothly when one works from home. 

Secure File Exchange (sendfiles)

UGA provides encrypted file services through SendFiles to securely transmit sensitive documents and larger files online.

Security Assessments

Franklin OIT provides a basic security assessment service offering in an effort to assist personnel within Franklin College to better secure their systems.  An assessment allows you to identify and understand potential security risks, their impact, and methods for resolution.

Server Hosting & Support - Physical

Franklin College purchased rack space within the central Boyd Data Center Hosting to meet increasing demand for services that comply with physical security requirements for relevant laws and granting agencies. The center was renovated in 2006 to include a 4,300 square foot addition (for a total of 16,000 sq ft) and is supported by an enterprise class generator, remote camera monitoring, secure card access, 2 commercial UPS units, and a gas fire-suppression system.  This provides a stable, cost-effective location for personnel to host their physical server equipment.  In addition to the physical hosting, Franklin OIT provides limited support for installation, network, and support for a minimal cost to clients.

Server Hosting & Support - Virtual

Franklin College paid to participate in the PeachNet Cloud-based Virtual Data Center in response to growing demand for a more flexible server infrastructure. PeachNet’s Virtual Data Center service provides an ESX cluster environment using VMware’s Virtual Cloud Director (vCD) for University System of Georgia (USG) institutions.  This provides a stable, cost-effective location for personnel to spin-up virtual servers.  In addition to the virtual machine hosting, Franklin OIT personnel provide some basic support for installation, and networking of virtual devices, and additional support for a minimal cost to clients.

Software Support

Our Client Services team provides support for licensed software on state-owned technology within Franklin College.  

Student Response Systems / Clickers

The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) provides support with clickers and clicker selection.

Student response systems, also called clickers, allow instructors to ask questions, take polls, give quizzes, and get feedback from students during class.

UGA E-mail Services

Enterprise Information Technology Services (EITS) provides campus email service through UGAMail, powered by the Microsoft Office 365 Education service. UGAMail provides access to email, calendaring, and task management through a web interface (Outlook Web App, or OWA), desktop clients such as Outlook 2010, and smart phones (e.g. iPhone, Android devices).

Unit File Shares

Franklin OIT provides all Franklin College units with a basic set of shared folders to foster collaboration and support business processes.  This unit share (also known as a S:\ drive) allows for basic file sharing within a given unit, where access can be easily controlled based off MyIDs.  By default every unit starts with 10GB of space, but this can be increased based upon need.

Web Forms using Drupal

Franklin OIT provides Drupal Web Forms as a tool for making surveys or simple forms. The forms/surveys can be configured to send a user and administrator an email to confirm receipt of the entry.  Results can be exported into Excel or other spreadsheet applications. This tool also provides some basic statistical review. Examples of forms might be a contest entry, information request forms, or a simple survey.

Web Forms using Qualtrics

UGA provides Qualtrics as an external tool used to conduct online surveys that can also be used to create simple or logic based information collection forms. The forms or surveys can be embedded in any web page.

Web Sites for Franklin College Departments, Centers, Institutes or Programs

Franklin OT provides affordable fee-based websites using our Drupal Content Management System (CMS) service. Clients can choose between several supported themes.  These sites are available at a fraction of the cost of working with a third part vendor. There are service fees and web storage fees. Please see the Pricing area section below.

Web sites for Franklin College Faculty

Franklin OIT can provide UGA Faculty members in Franklin College with a free, hosted, self-managed website with a choice between two different themes using Drupal Content Management System.

Web sites for Franklin College Research Labs

Franklin OIT provides UGA Research Lab Directors within Franklin College a free, hosted, self-managed website with a choice between two different themes using Drupal Content Management System. We are not able to offer any customizations or changes to the themes beyond what the theme configurations offer by default. The themes are offered “as is”.

Workshops & Training

Franklin OIT offers workshops and training for Franklin College's faculty, staff, and graduate students by request. Workshops are typically held in the Gilbert Hall lab (room 113) or locally in departments where appropriate technology is available.  In addition, Franklin OIT provides referrals and/or partners with other training and development resources to offer workshops as needed.

Typical workshops include tools support for campus-supported desktop and instructional technologies, software support, pedagogy support, and information about emerging trends in teaching with technology.