Our Divisions

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Administrative Services

The Administrative Services Team at the Franklin College Office of Information Technology provides services such as logistics for equipment allocations, management of the college-level student technology fee allocation, and processing off-campus inventoried equipment forms. Franklin OIT provides assistance with all IT matters including staffing, policies and service level agreements, major project planning, and purchasing through UGAMart.

Client Services

The Client Services Team at the Franklin College Office of Information Technology is dedicated to providing outstanding technical support for faculty and staff within the college. Client Services fixes what’s broken, from the computer that just won’t start to the program that keeps having errors. Our team helps build new solutions; we work with faculty and staff to order technology equipment for departmental and classroom use. Client Services also offers training and documentation on a wide variety of subjects including e-mail, operating systems, Microsoft Office, and classroom equipment.

In order to serve our clients all over campus, we have staff housed in several locations. Recently we have implemented "hubs" to service groups of clients. The North Campus Client Services team provides services through the Gilbert Hall Hub, Park Hall Hub, and the Psychology Hub. The South Campus Client Services team provides services through the Chemistry-Geography Hub, Fine Arts Hub, Life Sciences Hub and Plant Sciences Hub.

Instructional Technology

The Instructional Technology Team at the Franklin College Office of Information Technology is dedicated to providing exemplary support for the teaching and learning activities in the college. The team provides training and support for a number of campus-wide technology tools including eLearning Commons, Blackboard Collaborate, Student Response Systems, and Podcasting services. Additionally, the team provides planning, training, and troubleshooting support for classroom audio-visual equipment and digital signage services.  Finally, the team is available to provide customized individual or group workshops for supported tools and services independently or in collaboration with campus support units.

Systems Management

The Systems Management Team within the Franklin College Office of Information Technology are entrusted with the provisioning and maintenance of operations and infrastructure.  The Systems team monitors the hardware and software platforms for core information systems, ensuring the security and stability of both the systems and the network.

Additionally, the Systems team offers a range of free services to faculty and staff in an effort to assist with research-specific needs.  These services include free system audits for security assurance, data management templates for grant proposals, and disaster recovery and business continuity recommendations.

Web Services

The Web Services Team at the Franklin College Office of Information Technology provides a full range of Drupal website planning, development, and server support for free or for-fee at well below market rates for faculty and official units of Franklin College.

Our core services are designed to be most attractive to faculty, researchers, and official Franklin Units. Services include:

  • Quick setup of free self-help Drupal CMS sites for Franklin College faculty and researchers
  • For fee development, and production services for official Franklin units (departments, centers, institutes, and programs)
  • Oversight of UGA/Franklin web branding, including web themes and style guidelines
  • Project consultation and guidance on vendor relationships.

Please check our Services section for a more detailed listing and explanation of our service offerings.  We strive to create and constantly improve core service offerings through continual service improvement strategies.

To see a listing of all contacts for these services please visit our Unit Relationship Managers table.