Sample Question Types for Evaluations

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An evaluation is made up of section of 4 required questions, and questions of your choosing.  Most departments provide a word document with their questions and the possible responses for their questions. Use the following question types in putting together your evaluation. After you provide the evaluation questions to us, we will program our system to build the evaluations for your department.

Each course will use the same exact evaluation questions, so its best to use generalized questions that can apply to all courses you want to evaluate. If you feel you need different evaluations for different courses, be aware there is a charge for each evaluation type ($1000/year) if you are not a Franklin College department. If you are a Frankin College department, your first evaluation type is free, and we charge $250/year for each additional evaluation type.

Required Questions built into every evaluation


Question Types for creating your own questions

Multiple Choice - Single Answer


Multiple Choice - Multiple answers


Likert Scale


Matrix Table