Managing your Department, Center, Institute or Program Website

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In this Tipsmart series, Lauren, from the web team, demonstrates how to begin work on your website that is using the Drupal Content Management System. You'll learn how to make a Basic Page add links, images and files, and along the way assure that your content complies with accessibility standards. The last two videos cover other content types, including Article and Personnel/Courses.

The scope of this video series is equivalent to our Basic Drupal Training workshops and sessions, plus a video on the Article content type, so those who were unable to attend or need a refresher on specific topics will benefit from this series. While the tutorial is geared toward those units whose sites are in development and plan on using the Franklin Theme, units whose sites have already launched, as well as non-theme users, will also find this series helpful. 

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Basic Drupal Training 1: How to Login and add Basic Pages

Time: 7:17

In this first video, we'll go over how to log into your unit's development site and begin adding basic content using the Drupal CMS. Specifically, the video shows you how to add a "basic page," make accessible headings, and save and find your content. 


Training 2: How to add Links to a Basic Page

Time: 5:35

Learn how to add links to a Basic Page and ensure that the links meet accessibility requirements for specificity.

Training 3: Adding Images and Files to a Basic Page

Time: 7:56

Add images and files to the body field of your Basic Page.



Basic Drupal Training 4: Articles - Another Basic Content Type

Time: 5:37

Another basic content type is Article, which is used for news, events, announcements, and other time-sensitive information.

Basic Drupal Training 5: Custom Content Types (Personnel, Courses, etc


Content that will appear in a list, such as faculty, courses, seminars, etc., are better suited for specific, custom content types. This video mainly covers the "Personnel" content type, but there are many more available.


Learn how to add, edit, arrange and remove items from the menu.



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