Awards Defined

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Helpdesk Achievement Badges

These badges are awarded quarterly based on the number of tickets or phone calls resolved by the end of that quarter. As our IT Pro's resolve more tickets or phone calls in each subsequent quarter they will move up to the next level. They get their final badge level at the end of the calendar year based on how many tickets or phone calls are resolved for all four quarters.




Customer Service Award

These awards are given based on client feedback. We send a survey to each client on resolution of their helpdesk tickets. The clients can rate their IT Pro based on three criteria - Technical Knowledge, Courtesy & Friendliness, and Timeliness. Based on annual calculations, those agents with the highest score in each of those three areas will recieve a customer service awards.



Helpdesk Power User Award

The purpose of the award is to recognize adoption of helpdesk through usage.  This award is given to the agents that resolve the most tickets during a calendar year.



Bennie Award

This award is given to two IT Pro's each quarter. The IT Pro is nominated by their supervisor, and the nominations are voted on by the IT Leadership Team.



IT Pro Award

This award recognizes an IT professional for his or her excellent performance and outstanding contributions to the College. The recipient will be recognized at a Franklin College reception in late spring where he or she will receive an award of $1,000 and a certificate of recognition. The awardis based on exemplary performance including the following criteria: performs consistently at a high standard, leads by example, demonstrating initiative and innovation in the workplace, promotes positive morale, and maintains a strong commitment and loyalty to the College, and Serves as an exemplar and mentor for colleagues.