Off-campus Inventoried Equipment

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Franklin OIT provides faculty and staff with guidelines for equipment that needs to go off-campus

Benefits of Service: 

Off-campus inventory provides for greater flexibility in work off campus.

Requesting Use and Support: 

The Franklin College Office of Information Technology is responsible for processing all off-campus inventory authorizations. Completing forms correctly will expedite form processing. 

Step-by-step instructions for submitting off-campus inventory forms are available on the Franklin Administrative Services Website.

Current Rates for Service: 

Off-campus inventory support services are available free of charge to all Franklin College faculty and staff.

Additional Documents & Information for Service: 


Administrative Services processes authorization forms for all inventoried equipment used off-campus by faculty, staff, and students in Franklin College. Please review the following resources to request off-campus use of UGA equipment.

Client Responsibility: 

Departments are responsible for ensuring that off-campus inventory is properly documented and for completing their annual inventory review processes.

Clients are responsible for returning any off-campus inventory equipment that is no longer in use.

Clients who are no longer employees of the university must return all off-campus inventoried equipment.


OIT Responsibility: 

Franklin OIT can assist with providing information necessary to complete off-campus inventory control forms and is available to answer any questions.