Security Assessments

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Franklin OIT provides a basic security assessment service offering in an effort to assist personnel within Franklin College to better secure their systems.  An assessment allows you to identify and understand potential security risks, their impact, and methods for resolution.

Benefits of Service: 

This service allows personnel to more fully understand the security risks of their systems and possible resolutions steps.  The assessment is intended to check the most common areas of exploit by hackers, as well as minimum campus, state, federal, and grant agency standards.

Requesting Use and Support: 

Franklin College faculty and staff may request service or support with secuirty assessments by visiting the Franklin OIT Helpdesk

Current Rates for Service: 

This service is being offered free of charge to Franklin College units and personnel as a proactive means to enhance security. 

Note: Should you wish to have Franklin OIT handle securing your system, standard cost recovery rates apply.

Client Responsibility: 

Clients are responsible for the following:

  • Initiating requests for new service or support for existing service via the Franklin OIT Helpdesk
  • Providing appropriate access to Franklin OIT personnel to perform the assessment
  • Implementing any solutions provided in the assessment report
    • Any costs associated with a solution is handled by the client; including but not limited to hardware, software, support services, warranty, cabling, licensing, or fees.
  • Notifying Franklin OIT when a server is decommissioned or the point of contact changes
OIT Responsibility: 

Franklin OIT is responsible for the following:

  • Responding to initial client requests for information, use of, or support for this service
  • Performing an objective security assessment of requested systems for clients
  • Coordinating with members of the UGA Office of Information Security to perform basic penetration testing of requested systems for clients
  • Compiling and providing a detailed report on the findings from the assessment.  The report should include:
    • A summary page detailing basic information on the findings
    • A detailed assessment of areas checked, any issues found, and proposed resolutions
    • An attached report from the UGA Office of Information Security