Web Sites and CMS Services

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Free and for-fee tools and services to manage web sites, collect data, and communicate via the web.

Kaltura: Digital Media Storage and Streaming

Kaltura provides centralized media hosting services for the University of Georgia, replacing the recently decommissioned Podcast Server. Kaltura is a solution for storing and distributing digital content for course-related materials (through eLC) or non-course-related content via kaltura.uga.edu. Faculty and staff can request Kaltura accounts and channels to upload virtually any kind of media files to kaltura.uga.edu.

Online Course Evaluations

Franklin College provides an Online Course Evaluation System for Franklin College departments. This software is also available for non-Franklin departments at the rates listed below in the Rates section.

Online Evaluation Login for Students

Login to Course Evaluations

Photography Services for Web sites

Franklin OIT provides limited photography services to official Units of Franklin College for use on Franklin College web sites. Units include Departments, Programs, Centers or Institutes.

Web Forms using Drupal

Franklin OIT provides Drupal Web Forms as a tool for making surveys or simple forms. The forms/surveys can be configured to send a user and administrator an email to confirm receipt of the entry.  Results can be exported into Excel or other spreadsheet applications. This tool also provides some basic statistical review. Examples of forms might be a contest entry, information request forms, or a simple survey.

Web Forms using Qualtrics

UGA provides Qualtrics as an external tool used to conduct online surveys that can also be used to create simple or logic based information collection forms. The forms or surveys can be embedded in any web page.

Web Sites for Franklin College Departments, Centers, Institutes or Programs

Franklin OT provides affordable fee-based websites using our Drupal Content Management System (CMS) service. Clients can choose between several supported themes.  These sites are available at a fraction of the cost of working with a third part vendor. There are service fees and web storage fees. Please see the Pricing area section below.

Web sites for Franklin College Faculty

Franklin OIT can provide UGA Faculty members in Franklin College with a free, hosted, self-managed website with a choice between two different themes using Drupal Content Management System.

Web sites for Franklin College Research Labs

Franklin OIT provides UGA Research Lab Directors within Franklin College a free, hosted, self-managed website with a choice between two different themes using Drupal Content Management System. We are not able to offer any customizations or changes to the themes beyond what the theme configurations offer by default. The themes are offered “as is”.