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Franklin OIT provides UGA Research Lab Directors within Franklin College a free, hosted, self-managed website with a choice between two different themes using Drupal Content Management System. We are not able to offer any customizations or changes to the themes beyond what the theme configurations offer by default. The themes are offered “as is”.

Benefits of Service: 

A web site for your Lab or Research Project is a great way to promote your research to the outside world.

Requesting Use and Support: 

New Clients

Complete the Website inquiry form  and choose “Research Lab Website” for the kind of site you are requesting. Franklin College OIT Web Services will contact you to find out whether you want the College Branded or Open Theme Research Lab website.

NOTE: These sites are actually "live" when we set them up. It will take several weeks for Google to find the sites for indexing, but they will be indexed regardless of whether you are completely done working on your site. We recommend only requesting a site if you are ready to actively build the site. This means having a good idea of what your site navigation structure will look like, and having your content pulled together.

Existing Clients

You should have received a URL to manage your site. Please login using your MyID and password. If you do not have the URL for managing your site, please submit a helpdesk ticket to request the correct information.

Current Rates for Service: 



Initial Web Site Development

College Branded Research Lab Website


Open Theme Research Lab Website


Website Maintenance

Research Lab Website

Not available – self help only

Additional Documents & Information for Service: 


Faculty and Research Lab Sites are only available to active Franklin College Faculty. When a faculty member is no longer an active employee of the University, their site will be disabled.

Available Themes

We only support two themes for our Research Lab Drupal sites. Please view our available themes

Need Help?

As this is a free service, we do restrict users to the two theme options and technical support is restricted to 1 hour of setup support; however, all content is self-managed and we do have a number of self-help resources available on our website for any common technical questions you may have regarding your site.

We are not able to support installation of any other theme on the Research Lab web server.

Content Restrictions and Advisories

Clients are responsible for ensuring that they are authorized to use any copyrighted material that may be posted on their websites. If OIT receives a copyright infringement notification, we may need to take all or part of the site offline until the issue can be rectified. Units must receive permission from students prior to posting images of students on their websites. Content must also adhere to local, state, and federal laws as they apply. Sensitive data may not be stored on the CMS service at any time. The presence of sensitive data will necessitate taking the site off line until all risks have been documented and mitigated.

All Research Lab web sites must include the following UGA disclaimer:

“The content and opinions expressed on this Web page do not necessarily reflect the views of nor are they endorsed by the University of Georgia or the University System of Georgia.”

The full policy is published here: http://styleguide.uga.edu/index.php?/entries/website_design_templates_and_policy


Client Responsibility: 

Data backup and Recovery

Franklin OIT takes a nightly snapshot of the entire Faculty and Research Lab server in its entirety in the case of catastrophic drive failures. These backup copies are meant to only be used for system wide recovery. Franklin OIT is not able to restore content from a single faculty or research lab site.

Before you make significant changes to your site, we recommend you save down a copy of your site locally for reference purposes in the case that you delete or alter content accidentally. You will be able to view your site offline with the local copy to find material you may have deleted or altered before the change. You will have to manually copy and paste the previous content on your live site but at least that provides a small safety net for you.

For directions on how to make a local copy of your site, please view our instructions.


OIT Responsibility: 

We will operate this service in accordance with our service level agreement